Frequently Asked Questions

1. Exactly how does Electrolysis work?

A slender probe is inserted next to the hair, only far enough to reach the base of the hair follicle. The probe is insulated, except at the tip, to minimize the effect of the small electrical current on surrounding skin. Electrical current, at the lowest level necessary to be effective, is applied for an instant. This quick process seals off the source of nutrients to the hair follicle, thus causing the hair to be easily removed and unlikely to grow back.

2. Is Electrolysis painful?

There is a slight sensation, often described as the equivalent of a pin prick. Since the tiny electrical current is precisely applied to affect only the hair follicle, there is no puncturing of the skin and the treatment results are below the skin, at the base of the hair.

3. Is Electrolysis expensive?

Electrolysis is no more expensive than most cosmetic therapies. Before any treatment takes place, a careful plan will be worked out, based on your personal needs. You will know before treatment begins what the approximate overall cost should be and how long the treatments may need to last.

4. Who is a candidate for Electrolysis?

People of all ages may benefit from Electrolysis. Both men and women, at all stages of life may experience unwanted hair growth, and most people wish to have that excess hair permanently removed.

5. What type of treatment equipment is used for Electrolysis?

At EMC the SEQUENTIUM VMC is used because it offers the most up-to-date method of hair removal. The SEQUENTIUM VMC allows for more comfort and faster, more permanent results.